“Expressive arts therapy rests on the premise that imagination is the healer, that encouraging the soul to speak in its own way transforms darkness into light, the hidden and concealed into the open, and thus provides insight and release.” Stephen K. Levine

Expressive Arts

As an expressive arts therapy practitioner and coach, I create a safe space for my clients to explore emotions and feelings, reconcile inner conflicts, increase self-awareness, explore behavior patterns, develop social skills, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self-esteem and creativity.

Expressive Arts Therapy is a powerful, process-oriented modality that helps unlock emotional expression by engaging in non-verbal communication. It provides a sensory-based experience that integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to a greater balance of mental states and supporting the brain’s ability to rewire neural pathways and create new ones.

My unique, embodied approach facilitates a meaningful dialogue between movement, drawing and imagery, active imagination, and creative writing. This approach gives my clients the opportunity to tap into the language of the soul, which speaks through images, symbols, metaphors, and movement.

When we make contact with this deep part of ourselves, it is possible for unconscious material to rise past the barrier of our rational worldview. We are then better able to integrate shadow aspects of ourselves, find purpose and meaning, and connect to our true heart’s desires.

Creative Coaching

I guide performers, writers, actors, and various other artists and individuals to uncover and shape their projects and live their creative dream. Creative Coaching sessions will empower your creative process, and help you overcome blocks, fears, doubts, and other burdens that might be holding you back. Creative coaching can bring more clarity and structure to your creative life, as well as connect you more deeply to your authentic stories and inner process. Sessions are designed to support you to be more productive within your art making, as well as open new portals for authenticity, awareness, and personal growth.

Drawing by private client

“The gift of an image is that it affords a place to watch your soul.” James Hillman

Through working with me, you will be able to:

  • experience empowerment through discovering and expressing your own voice
  • bring to light and release areas that feel blocked and stuck
  • find more ease and clarity through connecting to a creative flow
  • transform your inner critic
  • build confidence and nurture feelings of self-worth and self-love
  • bring more playfulness, joy, and creativity into your life

Contact Caroline and receive support for your current life challenge or your creative project.


“Whenever I participate in individual sessions and workshop settings with Caroline, I am impressed by her skill. Her combination of intuition and caring professionalism dependably lead me to a place of inner stillness and knowing. She has offered me guidance in times of great emotional and health challenges, and though a little intimidated by activities new to me such as drawing, expressing an emotion through movement or assembling a poem, I have responded readily—delighted and surprised by the treasures that emerged. I am grateful to her for giving me a deeper view of myself and new tools for accessing the source.“ Janice Price, Teacher, Seattle, Washington

“It is from Caroline’s own creative spirit that she is able to hold others in their creative genius. That is what she did for me. Not only did Caroline provide a container, she also gave me tools for becoming my own container, for becoming an artist who is not only able to be in spontaneity, but also able to plan and structure a foundation for expression, and ultimately, for wholeness. Caroline was invaluable as a creative coach for an artistic project I was working on. She has the skill to marry personal process work and healing with creation and productivity. “ Ahjo Sipowicz, Artist and teacher of Somatic Earth Practices, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Creative Therapy and Coaching 60 minutes/USD 110,00