“Breath is a bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again”. Thich Nhat Hanh

Caroline is a life-long student of movement and stillness. She is a certified Embodied Mindfulness meditation teacher, offering Embodied Mindfulness stillness practices in private sessions, workshops and retreats, as well as in clinical settings.

Embodied Mindfulness, developed by Jamie McHugh, is a somatic approach to traditional contemplative sitting practices, focusing on breath, alignment, stillness, and movement. Embodied Mindfulness is informed by Eastern contemplative traditions, Western contemporary somatic approaches, as well as evolving research in the field of neuroscience and trauma studies. This sitting practice is accessible for everybody, all ages and physical ability.

Embodied Mindfulness helps to

  • connect to the present moment
  • return to stillness, the body, and the self
  • relieve stress and anxiety, as well as tension stored in the nervous system
  • discover new resources to nourish yourself
  • restore a sense of safety and belonging
  • increase your window of tolerance to stress, intense emotions, and life challenges
  • feel more calm and at ease
  • live a fuller, more embodied, and joyful life

Read Caroline’s article for more info about Embodied Mindfulness here.

Ease into the powerful practice of Embodied Mindfulness meditation while vacationing on Maui! Book your Embodied Mindfulness session here. Available for individuals and groups.


„Through joining Caroline Kleindienst’s Embodied Mindfulness class I was able to travel into my inner landscape and re- discover the wonderland of my body and my soul!  Breathing created the path to travel to an island if treasures. I could connect again to the primal and peaceful source within me. I recommend Caroline’s classes from the bottom of my heart!“ Grace Misook Lee, Ph.D., Expressive Arts Therapist, South Korea

„Caroline created a seamlessly supportive environment for me to explore deeply instinctual movements and stories. The experiences that emerged, non-verbal and powerful, were like a medicine, a sort of truth serum, and are still a balm for my body and spirit many months later. Thank you, Caroline!!“ Stephanie, Psychologist, Seattle

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Embodied Mindfulness – Resting in Stillness 60 minutes/USD 110,00