Restoring Balance to the Ancestral Web

The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.” Bert Hellinger, Founder, Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful approach to healing deep-seated trauma within yourself and your ancestral lineage.

We all carry within us behaviors and thoughts passed to us from our ancestors. Often those were caused by traumas, which may have been forgotten over time. Recent scientific research shows, however, those traumas may unconsciously shape the generations that followed. Our genes can store up to 7 generations of inherited memory.

Family Constellation work invites you to see your present life challenges as a part of a bigger picture. It accesses the most difficult dynamics in your family ancestry- as well as the most nourishing and meaningful- and supports your capacity to release family entanglements, old belief systems, and generational trauma.

A Family Constellation session will support you to

  • Heal your current life issue at its source
  • Restore balance and find peace in your family “field”
  • Find your place of belonging
  • Reconnect to the natural flow of life and love
  • Break free from the shadows of old family patterns for your individual self and future generations
  • Discover your true self and experience new freedom to express your own heart’s desires and visions

Experience healing for the past, present, and future. Contact Caroline to book your individual or group session today!

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“I have had the opportunity to attend a few groups facilitated by Caroline, and most recently an individual session with her over Skype working with ancestral consciousness and my family lineage. This was also to help with a poetry book I am working on about my ancestors. Caroline’s guidance and compassion helped so much to get in touch with my ancestors, find peace with inherited trauma, and work more creatively on my poetry project. I highly recommend working with her! Many thanks, Caroline!” Sandra Noel, Noel Design, LLC, Seattle, WA


“I am so grateful to have worked with Caroline in both individual and group settings. Her compassionate, skilled guidance has allowed me to explore and embrace my creative, interior self and to find stillness during times of personal changes. I am impressed by the subtlety of her work and so appreciate her knowledge, intuition and kindness.” Donna G., Maui, HI


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Family Constellations 90 minutes/USD 200.00