While living and working in Southern Africa I witnessed the big challenges people in disadvantaged communities are facing. Many individuals in those communities are exposed to risks from crime, violence, drug abuse, rape, HIV, unemployment, and poverty on a daily basis. To provide a voice for those individuals I created Grassroots Art Projects, which are designed to make my work available to disadvantaged communities and to individuals living in conflict or post-conflict areas, as well as third and fourth world regions and communities. My intention is to plant a seed for change and transformation in the participants’ lives and utilize the healing arts to create safe containers to integrate their challenges, and celebrate their aliveness.

I initiated movement-based expressive arts therapy classes in settings like the townships of South Africa to weave a barrier against violence, and I used the expressive arts as a tool for reconciliation in Rwanda. These community projects help to empower the participants, increase self-confidence, and give participants practical resources for self care to reduce trauma and anxiety.

If you are interested in sponsoring a community project or want to bring Grassroots Art Projects to your organization please contact Caroline.