Slovenia, 2007
Friday 12/14/2007
Tovarna Dûsika Rusê
Exhibition opening: Violence

Caroline Kleindienst presents drawings from South African children. The works were done by children between ages 6 and 12 who live in a township near Cape Town. Drawings were made in the afternoon art class of Nomlinganiselo.

Charlie Jeffrey presents Videoisme - Video works on the theme ``Casual Violence``, five selected programs of artists from abroad.

Zavod Kultivacija Rusê is a non-profit organisation working in the cultural field based in Rusê, Slovenia. We try to present cultural diversity in the region and encourage social awareness. We provide facilities for informal education and production in the areas of music, video, photography, and other arts. With our events we try to inspire the local population and make people aware of cultural and social differences in the world.