T-Shirt Project for Amani Africa
Rwanda, 2008
Continuing the T-shirt project of Cape Town, the idea of this project is to provide people from a post-conflict area with the surface of a T-shirt as a platform to deliver messages and thoughts to other communities and initiate a cross-cultural dialogue. For this purpose I partnered with Amani Africa, a grassroots organization striving to create a sustainable peace movement in Central African post-conflict communities. Children were invited to art workshops end 2007 in order to create designs for T-shirts. This was done at a home for street children in Nyamirambo, which is also operated by Amani Africa. Their drawings varied from images about daily life in Rwanda to scenes of conflict and violence the kids had witnessed and which represent the shocking reality in east-central Africa. The children also tried to express their wishes for their future and for the next generation of Rwandan children. The final products will be sold at Amani Africa Events in April 2008 in New York City, Washington D.C., Tampa, and Seattle, USA. The proceeds of the T-shirts will support the development of the Amani Africa school for orphans and street children in Nyamata.

This project was sponsored by Anton Feistl, Vienna, Austria.