Restoring Grace

“Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then the light is nearest of all to us.” Meister Eckhart

I  use an approach to stress, anxiety and trauma that focuses on the body to restore a sense of safety, trust, and wholeness. Somatic Movement Therapy (SMT), from the Greek soma— “through the body”—helps regulate the nervous system, and slowly releases stored tension and traumatic energy in the body.

In addition to, or as an alternative to traditional talk therapy, SMT helps us to connect to the present moment through movement, stillness, breath, sound, and mindfulness. It addresses the feelings and sensations that lie underneath a storyline and belief patterns. By focusing on the body and sensations, we can uncover behavior patterns and reclaim the innate intelligence of the body. Working together, you will receive practical, everyday tools that will help you to  break the cycle of stress and anxiety.

I am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist through ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Therapy and Education Association) and draw upon various techniques from the evolving research in the field of neuroscience and trauma studies. These techniques include Embodied Mindfulness, a somatic approach to traditional relaxation techniques, and Somatic Experiencing, a world-renowned approach for trauma healing.

I bring a great depth and range of experience in working with anxiety, trauma, generational trauma, addictions, grief, depression, and life transitions in both clinical settings and private practice. My work has empowered many clients to return to a place of comfort, ease, and belonging.

“The body is the most reliable trust meter.” Adyashanti

Somatic Healing Sessions will support you to:

  • Find new experiences of support and safety
  • Return to the here and now and stay in the present moment
  • Increase resilience to stress, intense emotions, and life challenges
  • Restore body image and self-esteem
  • Discover a new sense of aliveness, vitality, and freedom
  • Live a more embodied and joyful life

Regardless the nature of any traumatic event we experience, trauma shatters our sense of stability, safety, trust, and belonging. Trauma is, first and foremost, a physiological event that activates our fight-flight-freeze instinct. A few synapses later, it becomes emotional. Beliefs then form in response to our experience.

Stress and trauma are a part of life. We all have experienced stress and trauma to some degree. We cannot change the impacts and events of life, but we can learn to develop more resilience to stressful events. Working with the body and using embodied approaches for healing can help support self-regulation and the return to a state of calm and safety.

In my work it is very important for me to create a very safe, non-judgmental environment. The word “therapy” is from the Greek word therapeia, meaning to care, to carry, to hold, and to support. My intention is to create a safe space for you to engage in a collaborative inquiry guided by your individual issues and needs.

Embodied Healing begins with one’s own body as a source of empowerment. Through exploring and witnessing basic, non-verbal somatic languages—breath, stillness, movement, body posture—we will identify places of comfort, as well as life themes and challenges.

Our session can involve various modalities, including verbal dialogue, awareness of breath, movement, stillness, tracking the feelings and sensations of your body, drawing, or creative writing.

I am guided by your needs and interests and am trained to observe your level of comfort by carefully watching your breathing rhythm and the activation of your nervous system. This helps me to determine which directions to take and what resources to offer.

As a coach and empathetic witness to your process, I will offer you new experiences of support and safety grounded in the awareness of the body and the present moment. Through somatic tools developed during the session, you will be able to access the innate wisdom of your body, which will help you free-up stuck energy patterns that have been showing up in your life as anxiety and trauma, and enable positive changes to your life.


“Caroline created a seamlessly supportive environment for me to explore deeply instinctual movements and stories. The experiences that emerged, non-verbal and powerful, were like a medicine, a sort of truth serum, and are still a balm for my body and spirit many months later.“ Stephanie, Psychologist, Seattle, Washington

“I had the pleasure of working with Caroline in several sessions, and her understanding of human nature and deep knowledge of body wisdom helped me transform energies that had not been expressed into resources from which I can draw in daily life. In every session, I reached a realization, insight, or sometimes, joy in expressing myself safely. Caroline not only holds safe space, but also truly appreciates and respects everyone’s unique journey. Her suggestions come from a wide range of studies and experiences with body wisdom. Most of all, I had great fun working with her! Her humor lightens up one’s journey in a great way.” Yoriko Grimes, Maui, Hawaii 

“Caroline creates a very intimate atmosphere with her clients. You instantly can find yourself in her methods, which was working with sound in my case. She took me on a mystical travel through my soul. After one session I could understand my present situation and I could already embrace what the future will bring.“ Margareta M., Vienna, Austria

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Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Trauma 60 minutes/USD 110,00