Caroline offers classes, workshops and retreats integrating creative movement, expressive arts, improvisation, somatic awareness practices, and meditation. Participating at a group is recommended for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the wisdom of the body, engage in a growth process, and reconnect to a natural state of creativity and grace.

To attend a group no previous experience is necessary.

Group offerings include themes below. Please contact Caroline for detailed information and dates.

„Working with Caroline draws a deep sensitivity to those subtle places in my Being, places that hold untouched stories and creativity, just waiting to be seen and heard. Her intuitive guidance helps me to express these held responses through my own personal creativity. Caroline inspires Adventure, that touches my Life every time I am with her! Thank you with depth and heart…“ Brycken Olive, Expressive Arts Facilitator, Fairfax, CA

Body Part Mythologies

Using the Life/Art process developed at the Tamalpa Institute, participants engage in creative dialogue with their personal stories focusing on the somatic experience and expression of the body. Each session provides the opportunity to explore a different body part through movement, drawing, and creative writing. The series culminates in the creation of a self portrait, forming the basis for a final ritual that symbolizes the vision of self in daily life.

Movement Explorations and Expressive Arts in Nature

Caroline’s work in nature gives participants the opportunity to take time away from their usual environment and move and explore their bodies in dialogue with the outer landscape. The intention of the classes is to reconnect and deepen our relationship with nature, to meet ourselves as part of nature, to listen to the wisdom of the body, and to reawaken natural grace, nurturing, and resourcefulness.

The Hawaiian Islands, some of the most beautiful places in the world, provide a powerful container for explorations in nature, as we engage with the elements of water, sky, rock, fire, and tree in a creative way.

Somatic Meditation and Breath Work

Movement starts with breath. Breath is movement. Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance. Connecting to the breath as often as possible is an essential way to return to the body and self, to relieve anxiety and offer nourishment. Caroline’s meditation classes are based on Embodied Mindfulness, developed by Jamie McHugh. Embodied Mindfulness is a contemporary somatic approach to traditional contemplative sitting practices focusing on breath, alignment, and stillness.

Dolphin Encounters and Retreats

For centuries, myths and legends from all over the world have attested to the healing influence dolphins have on humans. Recent case studies confirm that contact with these joyful mammals can trigger our inherent healing powers.

At this retreat participants will use the movement-based expressive arts, somatic approaches, and meditation to deepen and integrate their experience of their encounter with wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins. To deepen our human connection with other species and increase potential for healing are goals of our encounters

Dream Bodies

Exploring dreams gives us the opportunity to learn more about our inner worlds and access images and symbols usually not accessible in our waking life.

Since ancient times and throughout many cultures dreams and their meaning have been seen as existential messages. Dream Bodies explores dream work using the tools of movement-based expressive arts therapy, somatic therapy, and Jungian-inspired approaches for further inquiry.

The intention of “Dream Bodies” is to “befriend” a dream, which means getting to know the dream like one would get to know a person. Letting dreams take people into deep inquiries, as well as restore and activate real life dreams is a goal of this approach.

“I had the great opportunity and pleasure to be a part of Caroline Kleindienst’s workshops, one in a studio environment in Seattle, Washington and two in beautiful, natural settings on Vashon Island, Washington. I work as a commercial artist developing interpretive art and design for national parks and other agencies. But I signed up for Caroline’s first workshop with the hope of developing more creatively with words (poetry) as well as art. Her approach combining the senses and movement in a safe, loving environment was a watershed for me creatively and I was deeply impressed by what was revealed and accomplished by myself and others all in such a short time. Caroline is a true healer and teacher and her workshops provide an environment that nurtures and supports the creative process. She has a gentle, healing presence which made us all feel cared for within that sacred space she creates. It was an honor to work with her. “ Sandra Noel, Graphic Designer, Writer, Vashon, WA