Embodied Healing Maui

Caroline Kleindienst, MA, RSMT is the creator of Embodied Healing Maui. Caroline is a registered somatic movement therapist, coach, expressive arts practitioner, and artist living on Maui, Hawaii.

Engaged in the helping and healing arts for more than 15 years, Caroline approaches healing as a whole-body process, facilitating deeper communication between body, mind, and spirit. Her guiding principles are to support the body’s innate wisdom to emerge and to help clients reclaim safe, nurturing connection and authentic expression as tools to restore balance and wholeness. She is passionate about empowering clients to discover their unrealized potential and embody their authentic selves.

Caroline specializes in working with depression and anxiety, high sensitivity, chronic illness, eating disorders, recovery from addictions, trauma, intergenerational trauma, and life transitions.

Caroline is certified in various helping methods, including:

  • Somatic Movement Therapy
  • Expressive Arts
  • Coaching
  • Family Constellations
  • Embodied Mindfulness
  • Eco-somatics and Wilderness Therapy
  • Techniques and practices from Indigenous traditions
  • Body and Energy Work

An Austrian native, Caroline holds a master’s degree from the Academy of Arts in Vienna, Austria and is a certified practitioner of the Tamalpa Institute, an internationally renowned center for expressive arts therapy and education. She has facilitated embodied and creative healing methods in various settings—from educational centers to clinical settings and shelters—and with diverse communities, including at-risk youth and the homeless. She has lived and studied in various cultures and traditions in Europe, Southern Africa, North America, and Hawaii.

Caroline works with individuals and groups in English and German, either in person at her office on Maui or online via Skype.

“Caroline facilitated my process in the most expert and helpful ways. I felt truly seen and understood by her, as she provided a strong container for me to connect to — and work with — deep parts of my psyche and my body. She provided experiences that were healing, meaningful, empowering, and even sacred for me. Her wonderful ability to firmly, gently, respectfully, and intuitively tailor and guide my sessions with her, left me in awe of her gifts and abilities. “ Adam S., Seattle

„Caroline possesses a kindness, warmth and clarity that she brings to her work – and life. She has used adverse life experiences as training grounds for working with her own somatic-expressive resources in a conscious, fearless way. Consequently, her soma has truly been the laboratory for healing on many levels, and her direct experience has contributed to her wisdom and empathy as a practitioner.  “ Jamie McHugh, RSMT, Creator of Somatic Expression